Elon Musk and Bitcoin show the ‘new normal’

Por Alejandro A. Tagliavini: Publicado el 24/02/21 en: https://alejandrotagliavini.com/2021/02/24/elon-musk-and-bitcoin-show-the-new-normal/

SpaceX Is Ushering in the Era of Space Commercialization as Insurers  Prepare for Take Off : Risk & Insurance

Thanks to the “pandemic”, beyond a short-legged totalitarianism that currently flows globally, the questioning of politicians, “governments”, States, and all kinds of institutions is steadily growing. And, if a “new normal” loom, contrary to what fans of the “pandemic” believe, it will be where people are increasingly aware – and independent – that they are, and not a decadent and unreliable “Authority”, the doers, and caretakers of your future.

              It is not by doing politics that the world will be changed, which would be an irony, on the contrary, this would imply playing the game of the establishment that has strongly tied its interests and it is practically impossible to enter politics and not fall into their networks.

              Undoubtedly Elon Musk is today one of the most influential men in the world if not the most influential, and bitcoin is the topic of the moment competing with the toxic news about the covid. And if something characterizes him, it is his total detachment from “the authorities” and his evident disinterest in politicians.

              Like when Elon defied the quarantine imposed by the bureaucrats and won the fight and, above all, with his space race that, in the end, aims to create “private” human colonies, far from the current toxic “governments”. His goal, he said, is to contribute to the creation of a multi-planetary civilization. To do this, and beginning in 2026, he intends to send, by 2050, one million humans to Mars in 1,000 SpaceX spacecraft.

              Another major player in this “new normal” is Bitcoin. And there is already talk of the possibility of reducing adherents to gold, traditionally considered as an active refuge.

               For Goldmoney’s Alasdair Macleod, while there is a growing consensus that the days of fiat currencies are numbered, it would not be Bitcoin its successor but gold. Although he recognizes that this will take time, it is very audacious to say that fiat currencies are coming to an end, it is that the States, as we know them today, could not continue without this vehicle that allows them to issue and obtain funds that are essential for their survival.

               Undoubtedly, gold has a great advantage and that is that, even if investors ceased to have an interest in it as a currency or safeguard of value, it would still have industrial and jewelry value. Bitcoin on the other hand, say its detractors, would have no value, however, it has a huge advantage especially today when States abuse their interference in people’s lives, and that is, that it is impossible to control and track.

               And governments, seeing their future threatened, try to control it but, given the evidence that they will not be able to do so, the idea of ​​establishing their “own digital currency” has occurred to them. Thus, large central banks are studying the possibility of issuing digital cash and defending themselves against threats from the private sector to traditional money. The project is called CBDC and they are the electronic equivalent of cash. But progress is slow, and indeed the president of the European Central Bank has said that the digital euro will take years.

                   This is when the dead believe they are alive because it happens that, precisely, the great advantage of Bitcoin is that it has not centralized, known or traceable issuer, that is, the philosophical principle of “digital currencies” is precisely to implode central banks.

Alejandro A. Tagliavini es ingeniero graduado de la Universidad de Buenos Aires. Asesor Senior de The Cedar Portfolio, Miembro del Consejo Asesor del Center on Global Prosperity, de Oakland, California y fue miembro del Departamento de Política Económica de ESEADE. Síguelo como @alextagliavini

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